Discover the fascinating world of Starlei on Instagram: News, customization and more

At Starlei, we love to share with you the details of our exciting world of personalized espadrilles. Therefore, we invite you to follow us on Instagram, where you can discover everything behind each unique and exclusive design.

On our Instagram account, we will keep you informed about the new materials we receive, so that you are aware of the latest trends in luxury footwear. In addition, we will show you the personalized models that we create for our clients, so that you can find inspiration and see how our espadrilles look in different styles and occasions.

But that is not all. We also want you to know the process behind each pair of espadrilles. We will take you inside our workshop, where you can see how we work in an artisanal way and with great attention to detail to create each unique design. In addition, we have created a new section called "Fitting Room", where we will show you how we test each espadrille on different feet and answer all your questions to guarantee the perfect fit.

Don't miss a single detail and join our community on Instagram. Follow us to discover the latest in custom espadrilles, style tips and much more.

We are waiting for you at @starleishoes !

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