The first footwear with interchangeable designs at different heights

Can you imagine having a shoe that you can change the height of the sole or the color, and that also adapts to the width of the foot? Now it's possible with the patented FID footwear.

FID footwear is made up of bases and designs that can be combined with each other, creating different models. We call base everything that is below the sole of the foot and design everything that is above it. The FID shoe assembly system is patented.

The first model is called FID ARCHÍMEDES = Archimedes Base + Archimedes Designand very soon we will launch a new design that we have called DA VINCI adaptable to the Archimedes Base.

All FID designs adjust to the width of the foot, as they have an adjustable closure system at the base.

Only FID footwear customers will be able to purchase bases and/or designs separately.

As with all Starlei brand models, FID footwear can also be customized in different materials, colors, decorations, etc.

FID footwear is a line born with the vocation of becoming “urban” luxury. A versatile, practical and above all comfortable shoe that can be incorporated into the unique moments of everyday life.

The FID footwear patent focuses on fastening pieces that serve to anchor the design to the base and change the height of a model or prepare for a party in a matter of seconds. A simple but ingenious invention by designer Patricia Rosales. @patriciarosalesofficial

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