Design your own Starlei espadrilles in 4 steps

Live a unique experience with Patricia Rosales designing together the espadrilles of your dreams.

You can choose the upper of one model and the heel of another to create a unique design. Below we explain step by step how to choose each of the materials that your design uses.

IMPORTANT for wide or narrow feet. Adjustment to the width of the foot and/or ankle HAS NO ADDITIONAL COST.

STEP 1: The design

A piece is any pattern that is sewn independently of the sole, that is, everything that enters the sewing machine as independent pieces.

2-piece design, €179

3-piece design, €189

4-piece design, €199

Below you can see the included materials that you can choose from according to the needs of your design. Materials NOT INCLUDED are EXTRAS, such as straps, crystal buckles, other sole heights, leather finishes, etc. Extras will be added to the price of your design.

STEP 2: The sole

Included heights: 80/20mm, 30/20mm, 30mm and 20mm

Other heights, consult.

    STEP 3: The materials

    Included: split leather. We have more than 40 colors available.

    Other finishes such as metallic, Chanel fabric or velvet, consult .

    STEP 4: The decorations

    Buckles included: metal buckles with gold or silver finish.

    Ribbons included: herringbone, grosgrain and velvet ribbon.

    Laces included: metallic silver, metallic gold, flat and round.

    Other buckles and decorations, consult .

    How to contact designer Patricia Rosales to design Starlei?

    To design your Starlei espadrilles, contact the designer Patricia Rosales. She manages all customization orders through WhatsApp 24/7 . Patricia will help you bring your dream espadrilles to life. He will send you photos of materials available according to your preferences, he will answer your questions, he will advise you on the best design for your foot type and if you need to adjust it to the width he will ask you some questions and perhaps ask you for a photo of your feet with a shoe to verify size and width.

    We have our own workshop in Almería where each pair of Starlei espadrilles is manufactured, something that guarantees quality and that it is made in Spain. Our manufacturing times range between 7 and 20 days .

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