Wide feet? These are the consequences of wearing shoes of a larger size

As a designer of custom and personalized footwear since 2008, I can affirm that buying a larger size of footwear for wide feet is not the appropriate solution and, in the long run, can have negative consequences for the health of the feet. While it may seem like it provides temporary extra space for the foot to enter the shoe, this practice comes with several problems:

1. Lack of support and stability

Larger-sized shoes do not provide adequate support and stability for the arch, which can lead to:

  • Pain in the plantar arch: Lack of support can cause pain, fatigue and even inflammation in the plantar arch.
  • Flat valgus: Prolonged use of inappropriate footwear can contribute to the development of flat valgus feet, a condition in which the arch falls and the inner edge of the foot rests on the ground.
  • Plantar fasciitis: Lack of support can increase tension on the plantar fascia, a band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot, which can lead to plantar fasciitis, a painful condition that causes inflammation in the plantar fascia.

2. Chafing and blisters

Oversized shoes can rub against the skin of the foot, especially in sensitive areas such as the ankles and toes, which can cause:

  • Blisters: Constant rubbing can cause painful and uncomfortable blisters.
  • Calluses: Repeated friction can cause the formation of calluses, hardening of the skin that can be painful and unsightly.

3. Instability and risk of falls

Larger-sized shoes do not adequately support the foot, which can increase the risk of trips, slips and falls.

4. Finger deformities

Excess room in the toe box of the shoe can allow the toes to move and become deformed, which can lead to:

  • Hammer toes: The fingers are bent at the central joint, leaving the tip of the finger downwards.
  • Bunions: A bony bump forms at the base of the big toe.


At Starlei we care about creating healthy footwear. We are the only brand that adjusts footwear to the width of the foot and/or ankle. In addition, adjustment to width has NO additional cost. We can adjust any design from the collection to the width of your feet.

  • Choosing appropriate footwear: It is essential to choose footwear of the correct size in length and correct fit in width, so that it fits well to the foot and provides the necessary support and stability.
  • Flexible materials: Choose footwear made with flexible materials that adapt to the shape of the foot without compressing it.
  • Low heel: Avoid high heels, as they increase pressure on the arch and worsen stability problems.
  • Visit a Podiatrist: If you have wide feet and are experiencing pain or discomfort, it is important to consult with a podiatrist for proper diagnosis and treatment. At Starlei we are manufacturers with experience in custom footwear . We can only help alleviate and prevent some problems through quality footwear adapted to the foot.

Wearing appropriate footwear is essential for the health of your feet. Don't settle for shoes that cause pain or discomfort. Invest in quality footwear that gives you the support and comfort you need to enjoy an active and healthy life.

Patricia Rosales

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